My deep passion resides with documentary photography, finding ways of exploring and communicating the spellbinding stories found in the natural world.

Raised on naturalist family values, the love for wildlife and wilderness runs through my blood and fuels my drive to invest everything in the expression of the natural world.

In my personal works,  I explore the intricate relationship between humans and the natural world; a relationship that can be both volatile and beautiful. 



  • Shortlisted, South West Graduate Photography Prize, 2018.


  • South West Graduate Photography Prize, London 2018.

  • Orbis, Bristol 2018.

  • Marine & Natural History, Falmouth 2018.


  • Gatherers, Self-published 2019.

  • Rakeprogress Magazine, Gatherers Feature 2020.

  • Bumble Magazine, Gatherers Feature 2020.

Instagram: @jmolinafotos
Current Location: Edinburgh, Scotland

 © 2020 Photographs By Jaime Molina. 

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