Let the River Flow is an experimental zine, curated by Jaime Molina. it Depicts a visual conversation between twenty photographers from around the world. The artists have responded to a previous photograph with one of their own, creating a continuous flow of captivating imagery. Photographers from Guatemala, Venezuela, Singapore and more have been brought together in this twenty-eight-page handbound zine. Together, there exists a narrative both beautiful and disquieting - as the reader is swept forwards into a world otherwise unseen.

The project is based around a photographic conversation, where each photographer will be replying to the previous image in the sequence with a single photograph.

The objectives of this project are to create an innovative narrative and community between photographers from different backgrounds and parts of the world, as well as giving each photographer a unique and equal opportunity to showcase their work within the same space.


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‘Gatherers’ is a handmade photographic and recipe book which celebrates and shares the stories of the modern hunter-gatherer. Photographed in Cornwall, it captures different subjects throughout the diverse ecosystems the county has to offer, using a combination of film photography, typewritten and handwritten text.

It reflect the hands on approach of the subjects, the book is hand bound using rich textures and natural colours. It feels like something you would find in the basket of the gatherers themselves; it could just as easily be a field notebook with their own personal notes about the areas they explore and filled with reflections on the exquisite goods they forage. The materials of the book not only appeal to the eye, but also to the touch. The simple cover made out of hessian invites the reader to engage with the book long before they open the pages.


This project was made possible with the help of over one hundred people.
Thanks to every soul who helped me with his project.

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